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New album by WASH: Triptych

The WASH collaboration is a blending of spoken poetry and music in a way you’ve never heard before. A voice walks through a series of evocative and ever-evolving soundscapes, a mixture of the organic with the electronic: loops and beats, found sounds, liquid guitar lines, squeaks and moans.

Buy the limited edition colour booklet now (includes album download)

Triptych is a three part work arranged thematically. Part one captures the slow-moving heat of Phnom Penh, Cambodia; part two propulsively celebrates the art of travel; part three drifts through an examination of the art of living.

The soundscape was augmented by three paintings by Chhan Dina and Adriana Snochowska, one each individually and one collaboratively, that were created while listening to rehearsals.

the art of living/water by Chhan Dina and Adrianna Snochowska

the art of living/water by Chhan Dina and Adrianna Snochowska

The sound of WASH is created by three music producers and one poet, interacting piece by piece to weave ideas in and out and around, maintaining high degree of improvisation and flexibility within a disciplined structure. Never the same twice.

the art of travel/fire through air by Adrianna Snochowska

the art of travel/fire through air by Adrianna Snochowska

It always begins with silence, a blank page.  Then follows a spark.  Four minds combined, and the silence was slowly filled.  Two further minds expanded the space into colour.  What were they building, and how?  They didn’t know.  And yet by doing they made.

Buy the limited edition colour booklet now (includes album download)

Also available on Spotify, RDio and Deezer…
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How to use a Korg ElecTribe ER-1 drum machine as a MIDI controller

korg er-1 drum machineThe Korg Electribe ER1 was released in 1999 as a dedicated electronic drum machine to complement the Korg bass synths. It features a 64-bit sequencer and has midi functionality. It’s easy to program and was affordable. The overall sound character can be described as synthetic, similar to classic Roland TR drum machines.

It is controllable using a MIDI input on the rear of the unit.  It also sends a limited set of MIDI signals out, however you’d be foolish to assume that all the knobs and buttons send basic  MIDI signals.  They send NRPN messages,  NRPN stands for “Non-Registered Parameter Number” and is part of the MIDI specification for control of electronic musical instruments.  Most digital audio workstations do not recognize NRPN messages. NRPNs allow for manufacturer-specific or instrument-specific MIDI controllers that are not part of the basic MIDI standard.

I’m going to show you steps to convert the NRPN messages from the Korg ER-1 into standard MIDI messages utilizing some free software and a message mapping file that I have created.

USB MIDI converterIf you use a computer with no MIDI ports you’ll need a USB to MIDI converter, similar to the one in the photo to the left. You can easily pick one up on ebay for a few Euros.

If you’re running Windows you’ll need Midi-OX and it can be downloaded here. It will be used to convert the incoming NRPN messages into MIDI messages. This tutorial is based on Windows because I use Reaper64 on a laptop running Windows. If you’re running Linux or you’re a Mac user, get in touch and I’ll try to assist you.

Converting NRPN to MIDI using Midi-OX mapping

Connect the ER-1 to you computer, ensure it’s powered on. Install MIDI-OX and run it.

Goto Options -> MIDI Devices. Ensure you have your MIDI device (USB to MIDI converter) selected as an input

MIDI input monitor MIDI-OX



Goto View -> Input Monitor. Play a pattern on the ER-1. You should see clocking signals and when you will see CC data on the input.

When you move a knob or select one of the ‘part’ / percussions buttons you will see NRPN message on the input. These will need to be converted to Midi messages so that your DAW recognizes them.

I made a note of the NRPN number for every button and knob on the ER-1. I then used this to create a map file. You need to know what’s coming in and from where before you convert it. You can easily view the NRPN value by going to View -> Midi Status.

When you move a knob or a button that produces an NRPN message you will see it’s value on the Midi Status window.  By experimenting I discovered that each ‘part’ or the percussion, hit-hat, crash, and H.Clap buttons all have unique NRPN values and the oscillator and delay knobs can be used for each.

Here are the NRPN values the Korg ER- 1 outputs. There are 8 knobs (1st column) that can be utilized for each of the 8 parts.

You can create a map to convert specific NRPN messages and outputs MIDI.  I have meticulously created a map for you. You can download it here. Feel free to alter it to meet your requirements.  To edit, load or save a map, select Options -> Data Mapping.



If you wish to create a new mapping file, click on ‘Insert’ or if you have loaded my translation map, choose a map entry, then click on ‘Edit’.



Input matching
Event type : select NRPN
NRPN # : NRPN number corresponding to a knob or button. Enter the same number in MIN and MAX.
Value : enter its min and max values. I used zero and 16256.
Set output
channel :  match input
event type : Ctrl. Now you will need to set the Ctrl# values, choose a controller value between 0 and 127.  Although for the ER-1 you will need to avoid using 0,1,6,98, and 99.

Save the map and click OK.

You’ll need to create 90+ mapping, this is somewhat laborious and tedious. You can download my map here. You’ll now be able to utilize the part buttons and 8 of the knobs as standard Midi inputs in your favorite DAW. If you have any questions  please write a comment below.

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Phnom Penh Underground: Swagger at Meta House

Live Art, 5 DJs, Visuals, Chillout zone

Invisible Agent Records monthly gig at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia goes from strength to strength. Warren Daly will be playing the chillout area, with live painting by Chhan Dina. The main dance area is being looked after by The Phatt Controller, Salmon Allstar, and Chris Bradbury. Free Entry, come and party.

Phnom Penh Underground - Swagger at Meta House

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Trip Hop Mix | Netlabelism Cast 20

Original post from Netlabelism Magazine

Netlabelism Cast 20 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

Trip Hop, Electronica, Bass Music

Cast 20 is full of beats and bass. Here’s an overview of most of the tracks featured in my mix:

Lush layers of glittering guitars interwoven with reversed loops, piano, synth lines, simple yet very effective. Nisei23′s album entitled elevenandtweleve was improvised entirely on an iPhone. Impressive creations on a single hand-held device and another quality release on the Rec72 Netlabel. A moodier affair by The Get entitled The Darkness comprises of heavy bass swells and luminous highs. IDMf forums netlabel is a treasure trove of excellent music. Curating compilations is a serious endeavour and the crew at IDMf Netlabel have it sorted.

Mr.WoodsThe Chase begins with brass and breakbeats, Avalanches style, with stabs of turntabelism and surging brass, featuring Mononome, Jenova 7 & Mr. Moods all from the Dusted Wax Kingdom record label., execution is the key and they certainly nail it.

Bright by Teishi-1 is influenced by old school eletro, chiptunes, grime, and dubstep. The sounds of the legendary Roland TR series drum machines and the feel of old school Akai samplers are interwoven with melodic keys. I’m looking forward to more releases from Teishi-1 and Boy Scout Audio Netlabel.

Falling Fog by Zygadenus indulges in low frequency debauchery. Progressing into a wave of pads and spaced out stabs. Entropeia – Hors La Loi is a bouncier number with eastern strings and a generous helping of guitar and vocals, it’s followed by minimal dub techno reverberations by Mekha. A fine lesson in bass that stays firm to the Cut Records mantra. Black Chamber – Difference Engine is somewhat melancholic, the accent to the horn solo, interspersed with glitchy drums is great. Northcape’s album Exploration and Ascent will be one of my Top 10 picks from 2013. Folk who get excited about BOC releases will appreciated and love Exploration and Ascent on the SunSeaSky Netlabel

I hope you enjoy the mix, please leave comments or contact me by email warren [at]


Cast 20 is mixed by Warren Daly, Free download on


Artist – Track – Label

  1. nisei23 – levenandtwelve – Rec72
  2. The Get – The Darkness – IDMf
  3. Mr Woods – The Chase – Mr Woods
  4. Teishi-1 – Bright – Boy Scout Audio
  5. Zygadenus – Falling Fog – IDMf
  6. Mr.Woods – Spirit Flower feat Hal McMillen – Mr Woods
  7. Entropeia – Hors La Loi – Entropeia
  8. Dub-I – Lion Dub
  9. Mekha – Coma (Emmerichk Remix Featuring Snowflake) – Cut Records
  10. Fire Salad – Plantation (bonus)
  11. Black Chamber – Difference Engine – Cult Classic Records
  12. Mekha – Ekoladen (Plug Remix Featuring MegaZimze) – Cut
  13. Northcape – The First Crossing Of The Watershed - SunSeaSky
  14. Black Chamber – Red Dawn – Cult Classic Records

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