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We Are Electronix reviewed in Irish Times

Edwin James has been a prolific player on the local electronica scene for quite a few years, yet, as seems to be the case with manyIrish producers, it’s taken until now for his debut album to emerge.What’s clear, however, is just how useful his many compilationappearances and, particularly, live appearances have been in terms ofdeveloping and fine-tuning a particular approach to sound. Be it thepristine electronics that make up the groove on the shimmering NotComing Back or the jumpy bleeps on Pink Is the New Black, James has theconfidence to wait for his own particular sonic map to unfold from thecreases. He also has an eye for the wry electro-indie crossover, asRock Stars shows. Occasionally, James veers too near the Kraftwerkautobahn for his own safety (especially on 303 on 31 and Fifth), but hepossesses enough ideas and notions of his own to prevent that happeningtoo often.

*** The Irish Times

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DJ Mag review of Ikeaboy Remix

DJ Mag Review of Ikeaboy remix

Another excellent review for Corrugated Tunnel, this time from DJ Mag on his remix of Die To Be Alive by Ikeaboy.

The original version isn’t available on this release, but Edwin James’s combination of austere chords with vocal snippets and a spiralling acid climax proves that remixes aren’t always meant as a secondary consideration. RB

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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Danseizure Agent Cast

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Right-click and “Save As” to download the full mix

A new agent cast has just been added – Danseizure sent us this little gem from a live performance in France. It has a certain signature sound of Danseizure: dark, moody and a little eccentric!

DanseizureAdded by: Danseizure | 7th February 2007 1 Comment

We Are Electronix reviewed in i-DJ Magazine

A big favourite in his native Ireland. Edwin ‘Corrugated Tunnel’ Jameshas been performing and recording since ’90s, but don’t worry if youhadn’t heard of him before now, neither had I until this little numberlanded on the IDJ doormat, and it’s a great place to start

From its scatterbrained, psy-style electrofunk intro (‘Thebionic hustle’)to its wonderfully melodic electronic outro (‘Adieu’),’We are Electronix; is one varied platter that shouldn’t fail tosurprise or entice from the off.

And with any luck it will really put Mr.Tunnel’s name on themap when it comes to razor sharp electronica. From sultryspine-tingling soundscapes such as ‘Frozen Farmhouse Landscape; and’Chainsmoking Monkey’ to cheeky-yet-mournful off-beat house (‘LostTransmission’), rampant techno pressure (‘The Snare’) and ravey,Radioactive Man-style electro (‘West Jam’), Edwin manages to easehimself into every style like it was his very own Capri Mark I.

Coming at you like Kraftwerk jamming with Eno and Daft Punk ona low budget, this is well worth a listen… just sit back, soak up thesounds and it’ll all make sense.

4/5 Dave Jenkins

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