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Lullaby for a Nightmare

tomi-chair-lullabyTomi Chair’s new E.P Lullaby for a Nightmare (Nano 52) will be released by Nice & Nasty on the 23rd of February.

It features a range of remixes from Vakama, Lackluster, Clive Kells, Andrew Duke and a heavy hitting, up tempo, old school remix from Invisible Agent artist Warren Daly.

Be sure to check it out.

Invisible AgentAdded by: Invisible Agent | 19th January 2009 Leave a comment!

Tag… your on!

The pain and suffering of tagging your Music collection is finally over.

EasyTag is a peice of software that can tag, search the CD DataBase and write playlists. It contains many more features and is available for a multitude of Operating Systems. Did I mention it´s free?

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Stuck in the middle?

logo6 Online Music Stores: While some users are split between pay per track versus subscription services, there is a third option which I am not sure what to make of.

More shops like LaLa are popping up.  Their approach is “Get the web song (unlimited online plays) for 10 cents, or the MP3 download for 79 cents more”. Maybe because I am in a Wi-fi black hole everywhere I go:-) even so, why should I pay 10 cents to listen to a track?  I fail to see how a service like this exists – especially since there are thousands of free full length tracks available to play on LastFM and the likes of MySpace. A high percentage of these are also available for free download. Invisible Agent have a number of Free Tracks and EPs available on LastFM – so head over there now.

What baffles me even more, certain large online music stores do not offer full, DRM-free downloads. I was under the impression that DRM died a death years ago… Maybe I need to buy a Zune and live in a Wifi zone! All comments are welcome, let us know if you use a subscription service or not…

Invisible AgentAdded by: Invisible Agent | 16th January 2009 1 Comment

State review ‘I am Corrugated’

State Magazine Review

Read the latest review of Corrugated Tunnel’s ‘I am Corrugated’ album which was recently featured in State Magazine.

Most artists falling under the painfully trendy and ever morphing title of ‘electro’ in 2008 are expected to present a dance-floor friendly combination of indie rock and quirky vocals, with a dash of synthesizers thrown in for good measure. Corrugated Tunnel, also known as the Cork-based Edwin James, however, has not given in to the mould set by his electro-counterparts with his second album, I Am Corrugated.

The title and opening track bases itself around a sombre bass line, whereas ‘High Tides’ provides a more uplifting, if abruptly concluding listen. Both feature the slow string arrangements which permeate the entire album, and, combined with a certain amount of repetition, result in a soothing yet sometimes intriguing sound. ‘Slope Type A/B’ doesn’t achieve much in its five slow minutes, however, and ‘Last One Standing’ sees the pace picked up, yet still nothing overtly interesting happens.

‘The Drifter’ is the only track on the album to feature vocals; the low tones of Deborah Kay ensuring that  James’ downbeat blend of beeps, beats and strings is complemented rather than interrupted: a little interruption, however, might not have gone astray.

It may not be of any use to an indie disco DJ, but the stylistic efforts of James have to be credited. That said, while I Am Corrugated might leave the listener in a tranquil mood, it won’t leave them with a great inclination to come back for more. One to be appreciated by those in the know, and left at that.

- Kate Rothwell

Corrugated TunnelAdded by: Corrugated Tunnel | 11th January 2009 Leave a comment!

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