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Headphonaught is loving … “Triptych” by WASH

“Triptych” features three longish-form pieces … there or about 30 minutes each … that follow a rather unique pattern – poetry underpinned by heady, electronic soundscapes formed through field recordings, ambient guitar, and manipulation.

The imagination that is poured into these pieces is obvious for all to hear. The music provided is as deeply immersive as a sound recording of the very busy Phnom Pen can be … a sonic milieu of traffic, people and noise … crafted through clever manipulation into these rich, vibrant soundscapes that loop and morph whilst underpinning some lovely ambient guitar and Bywater‘s expression.

I’m not a big fan of spoken-word but Scott Bywater’s deliver is a delight … his stream-of-consciousness presentation with a low-key Antipodean accent is easy to follow and rather hypnotic … helped by the combination of music (especially guitar), beats, and field-recordings that form the walls-of-sound that back him.

These are pieces that require commitment … you cannot dip in and out of them, you need to listen from start to finish … I certainly found that when I did, I was richly rewarded. In fact, this is the kind of music I would absolutely love to hear live … it has a live vibe about it. I can only imagine the audio/visual experience this could be with visuals projected on stage as WASH played. There is something very visual about their music!

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Mastered everything, except mastering….

Do you create music? Have you just released an album? If the answer is yes, you might have just spent many hours in a studio, sacrificing time with family and friends producing your latest groundbreaking, and genre defining album. You’ve gone to the trouble of hiring a professional graphic designer to produce dazzling cover artwork. You’re all ready to hit the big time, or so you think. Who mastered your audio? Did you even bother to properly master your release?

You forgot the single most import task

I create the AgentCast series, and the Netlabelism magazine podcast series. I have to listen to a lot of music and there’s a number of things I’ve observed over the past few years; There are ample releases with impeccable artwork, associated mailing lists, forums, and social media activity, the music is well composed but some of it doesn’t sound so good.

your terrible mastering hurts my ears Are my headphones broken?

Incredible low volumes, or completely pumped tracks with zero dynamic range, muddy baselines, high-ends that are excruciating loud, vocals that are lost in a swell of nasty frequencies; these are all common occurrences. They’re all the byproducts of laziness. The ‘self mastered’ or blackbox fixes are common. Let’s get two things straight, never master your own creations, never ram your tracks through mastering black boxes or sonic maximizers. These techniques destroy dynamic range, and are tiring on the ear, in short, they sound rubbish.

Mastering costs mega bucks, and I’m a poor artist

Yeah, I hear this one all the time. You’re letting yourself down, you’re letting existing fans down, and you’re not gaining any new fans. Probably because your tunes sound like they’re mastered by an amateur.  You’ve made a gargantuan effort focusing so much emotion and love into your new release, and right on the final stretch you’ve shot yourself in the foot. Do yourself a favour and make your release sparkle and jump out at fans, reviewers, DJs, and radio stations.

Hire a professional to master your release

There are affordable mastering solutions out there. A professional service I’ve had personal experience with is Balance Mastering. John offers affordable, pro quality, analogue mastering. John is friendly and efficient, his output sounds professional, and best of all, it’s totally affordable. The proof really is in the pudding. If you’re still not convinced head on over to Balance Mastering and check out the samples. You even get new versions until you’re 100% satisfied with the final product.
Keep creating, but remember to get some professional assistance when mastering.

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Chris Bradbury – 16 Cashless mixes – AgentCast 51

AgentCast 51 was mixed by Chris Bradbury on a set of Technics 1210′s at Confusion, Glasgow in 2003. With such a stunning tracklist it was an easy decision to pull this from the archives. Thanks to Chris and the crew of Confusion. You can see Chris DJ or perform in a number of bands around Phnom Penh. A truly talented musician and part of the unique underground movement bubbling under in Phnom Penh.

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Chris Bradbury – 16 Cashless Mixes – Agentcast Episode 51 by Invisibleagent on Mixcloud

Download Chris Bradbury’s Podcast Now

AgentCast Episode 51 by Chris Bradbury
Kinesthesia – 4J
Aphex Twin – Donkey Rhubarb
Radioactive Man – ‘ave That (Tim Wright Remix)
Cylob – Smash Up The Pram
Mu-Ziq – The Fear
AFX – Entrance To Exit
Mu-Ziq – Swan Vesta
Aphex Twin – Didgeridoo
Polygon Window – Quoth
Aphex Twin – Polynomial-C
DJ Pierre – Box Energy (AFX Remix)
Chaos A.D. – Psultan (Squarepusher Mix)
Christoph De Babalon – My Confession
Aphex Twin – 54 Cymru Beats
Bogdan Raczynski – Death to the Natives
Cylob – Cut The Midrange, Drop The Bass
Aphex Twin – Come To Daddy

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    The Best Netlabel Tracks of 2013 – Netlabelism Cast 21 mixed by Warren Daly

    The Netlabelism staff picked their 3 favorite releases from 2013 and compiled a neat list for your convenience. Obviously having most of the music sourced by the rest of team made it much easier for me… Read and download more

    Netlabelism Cast 21 – Best of 2013 by Netlabelism on Mixcloud

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