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Ghostkid – The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering

Ghostkid - The Unlikely Future Of Reverse EngineeringGhostkid’s debut release on BFW Recordings, ‘The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering’ is a 7 track EP consisting of laid back beats layered with melodic curves.

All tracks have distorted, stretched or reversed melodic loops with layers of funk influenced breakbeats. ‘Hopeful for a Future (part 2)’ is uplifting and bright, stripes of warbled and fuzzy chimes make it sound almost choir like. ‘Slow Going from Here on Out’ is a de-tuned and grainy affair with more distorted piano samples.

At times I find similarities to works from The Boards of Canada, lots of captivating chimes and leisurely snares make this a fantastic debut release for Ghostkid.  These tracks will definitely feature in my future laid-back DJ sets. Well worth checking out.

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 15th March 2011 1 Comment

Ambienteer – Ataraxia

ambienteer - ataraxia How I missed this is beyond me. I follow James Fahy’s music dairy closely, my only explanation for leaving his album slip through the net is having Christmas shenanigans with friends who came to visit me in Cambodia. Anyhow, I’ll get on with it…

Ambienteer gifts us with an 8 track album of wondrous ambient music entitled ‘Ataraxia‘. While listening I find myself gently surrounded by warm and affectionate sounds. The opening track ‘Atraxia’ gracefully prepares you for the rest of your journey. Even after being submerged by the sometimes tenebrous streams of ‘augment’, ‘reclamation’ and ‘barium falling’, I realize I’m exhilarated equally by them as the brighter ‘music box’ or the last track ‘coeur en hiver’. James has masterfully predetermined your destination by painting a picturesque world using a palette of resonance, harmony and reverberations. Amazing stuff.

Tenacious material expertly crafted by a purveyor of the finest ambient creations, ‘Ataraxia‘ is a must have.

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 14th March 2011 1 Comment

wAgAwAgA – Hyper Typewriter – Acroplane Recordings

If Phuture and Adamski sold their possessed 303s and Junos to bass crazed space invaders from another dimension, this is what the alien transmission might sound like. Actually, Hyper Typewriter would sound better.

wAgAwAga employs earth-shaking bass-lines and a near fanatical use of intricate acid tweaking. The 303 programming is complex and keeps you constantly engaged. If you thought acid lines are out of fashion, think again. Four tracks in, the energetic ‘Daisy Town Acid’ as the name would suggest, delivers a mass of spiralling transistor bass. One tends to concentrate so much on the delicious 303 tweaking, it’s easy to forget about the clever programming and constant alterations. ‎ ‘Kitchqoorredux’ radiates the best elements of electro & breakbeat, accelerating you in a positive whirlwind of bass, wicked snares and acid stabs.

The album evolves smoothly, cheery picking elements of dub, electro, drum & bass and moulding them into a pristine package. Hyper Typewriter is a 95 minute roller coaster ride with generous amounts of deep sub bass, staggering beats, melodic highs and  contains tracks for every occasion, including dance floor stormers to more laid back dub numbers. I love wAgAwAgA’s unique style and his fantastic production. I imagine other producers will be revisiting ‘finished’ tracks, while others will be scrambling to fire up a 303. Buy a copy, it’s well worth it. Another top flight release on Acroplane – available on Monday the 28th of February.

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Ambient Mix: Warren Daly – Netlabel Podcast

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Warren Daly

Voyage to a tranquil haven on drifting clouds of sound, soothing ambient waves and layers of floating melodies. My latest excursion is mixed entirely using Netlabel and creative commons music.

Be sure to keep up to date by following me on Facebook, Twitter or RSS and download my previous podcasts here.

Please support these artists by attending their gigs, sharing links to their music and if you can, make a donation to help them continue. Enjoy the wonderful music and thanks again for listening. Please share this page with your friends:)


  1. Bing Satellites – Summer Night – BFW Recordings
  2. In Frame – Globus – 12Rec
  3. Phillip Wilkerson & Tange – Ege Denizi Part 2 - Earth Mantra Netlabel
  4. Maps & Diagrams – Last train home – Yuki Yaki
  5. Bing Satellites – Cascade Four (Piano & Horns) - BFW Recordings
  6. Lucette Bourdin & Darrell Burgan – Dhira – Earth Mantra Netlabel
  7. Alession Ballerini – Blanc - Zymogen
  8. Lucette Bourdin & Darrell Burgan – Sanatana - Earth Mantra Netlabel
  9. Bing Satellites – These eyes have opened for the first time - BFW Recordings
  10. Ambienteer – Barium falling - Ambienteer
  11. In Frame – Smolder - 12Rec
  12. Ambienteer  - un coeur en hiver – Ambienteer

Right click one of the links below and choose “Save as” to download

MP3 version (192K): Netaudio mix by Warren Daly – Ambient, Minimal, Soundscape
OGG version (Q6): Netaudio mix by Warren Daly – Ambient, Minimal, Soundscape

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 3rd February 2011 1 Comment

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