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RIAA versus Invisible Agent Records

It has recently been brought to our attention by the RIAA that certain tracks released on Invisible Agent Records contain bin-aural beats and must be removed from all distribution channels and online shops.

It appears that the RIAA have taken the matter in to their own hands after a Channel 9 News segment about ‘i-dosing’ in July 2010. The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs claimed that “digital drugs” use “bi-aural or two-toned, technology to alter your brain waves and mental state,” producing a “state of ecstasy” for the user. The RIAA has stepped up its efforts to educate law enforcement & music industry officials worldwide about the issue and how to deal with it. Such efforts have reduced the availability of music from a number of record labels, it claims.

We will use every resource at our disposal to block the RIAA from removing our music from iTunes, emusic, Amazon, Napster, Juno, Spotify, Sony Connect and Nokia stores. While we believe that bin-aural beats affect brainwaves directly and can alter moods, behaviour, even consciousness, Invisible Agent and a number of other independent labels are requesting ‘distributors label tracks that contain bi-aural beats’, similar to the ‘illicit language’ tags utilized for over 2 decades. Stay tuned for more news….

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 1st April 2011 2 Comments

Lakker: free web series

Lakker music for freeIan Mc Donnell and Dara Smith a.k.a Lakker have been producing top quality music under a number of different monikers for several years. They’re appetite for energetic and engaging music is huge and their approach makes them stand out from the noise.

With releases on a number of record labels including Invisible Agent, Alphabetset, Acroplane, !kaboogie, and Lazybird, they’re always busy and never fail to deliver. Pick up some of their bass heavy loot for free as part of their web series on the Lakker website.Tell your mates, get downloading!

Be sure to visit the Lakker soundcloud page and check out Ian’s solo output as eomac on mixcloud. Happy listening.

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 31st March 2011 1 Comment

Ambient chillout mix by Ebauche


Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Ebauche (aka Alex Leonard) serves up a brand-new DJ mix featuring top name producers of IDM, ambient and chill out. Relax and enjoy an hour of exquisite music sleekly blended for your aural pleasure.

Has it really been 2 years since Ebauche’s last AgentCast?…… I’ll spare you the clichés so you can get on with downloading the mix.

Be sure to keep up to date by following us on Facebook, Twitter or RSS and download earlier podcasts here.

If you like what you hear, check out the artist websites below.


  1. Machine Drum – Cream Soda Part 1
  2. Klimek – Pathways To Work
  3. Gel-Sol – Mourning Wok
  4. Chihei Hatakeyama – Sacred Flowers
  5. Windy & Carl – Elevation
  6. Fennesz – Glide
  7. The Sight Below – Nowhere
  8. Loscil – Showers of Ink
  9. Secede – Ballroom Arcade
  10. Sebastien Roux – Flicker
  11. The Sight Below – At First Touch
  12. Secede – Now I Can Weave Magic Spells
  13. Brian McBride – Overture (for Other Halfs)
  14. Esmerine – And They Left No Footprints In The Dust Behind Them
  15. Hangedup – Broken Reel

Right click one of the links below and choose “Save as” to download

MP3 version (192K): DJ mix by ebauche – Ambient, Minimal, Chillout
OGG version (Q6): DJ Mix by ebauche – Ambient, Minimal, Chillout

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 29th March 2011 1 Comment

Ghostkid – The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering

Ghostkid - The Unlikely Future Of Reverse EngineeringGhostkid’s debut release on BFW Recordings, ‘The Unlikely Future Of Reverse Engineering’ is a 7 track EP consisting of laid back beats layered with melodic curves.

All tracks have distorted, stretched or reversed melodic loops with layers of funk influenced breakbeats. ‘Hopeful for a Future (part 2)’ is uplifting and bright, stripes of warbled and fuzzy chimes make it sound almost choir like. ‘Slow Going from Here on Out’ is a de-tuned and grainy affair with more distorted piano samples.

At times I find similarities to works from The Boards of Canada, lots of captivating chimes and leisurely snares make this a fantastic debut release for Ghostkid.  These tracks will definitely feature in my future laid-back DJ sets. Well worth checking out.

Warren DalyAdded by: Warren Daly | 15th March 2011 1 Comment

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