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WASH Live at Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

WASH is a collaborative project fusing poetry and electronic music: taking melodies, riffs, rhythms, basslines and spoken word, throwing them in a blender, and coming up with some kind of funny coloured creative smoothie.

We recently played live at Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia as part of the VIBE music festival. We’re playing again next month in Equinox, and Meta House. It would be great to see you, come say hello.



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Live Music: Vibe Music Festival Phnom Penh Cambodia

WASH play live at Vibe Music Festival

Electronica fuses with guitars and spoken word, WASH features Warren Daly (Invisible Agent) Alex Leonard (Ebauche) Scott Bywater (Author) Hal Fx (Audio Mainline). We will be playing live on the 20th of August at Doors, Phnom Penh.

Check out the WASH Facebook page for more updates



Vibe Music Festival @ Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Vibe Music Festival kicks off on the 16th of August and runs for 10 days. A selection of reggae, jazz, acoustic, pop, and electronica from Cambodia’s finest artists. All events are taking place at Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Hypnagogue Reviews Theophany by Toaster

Toaster - Theophany - Invisible Agent Records Original Post:

Toaster (aka Todd Elliott) tells a story in both song title and sound on his new release, Theophany. In my previous outings with Elliott’s music I often found myself looking for a point of entry, something to hang on to when things went a little far afield for my tastes. I had no such issues with Theophany. Maybe this represents a slightly more restrained artist in that regard, or one who can set himself a fresh thematic course when needed, but it certainly doesn’t mean he’s lost any edge. Theophany moves in a distinct narrative direction, coursing from straightforward, beat-based electronic music into hypnotic ambient spaces and ending in darker, abstract zones, and all of it’s handled well. The disc opens with birdsong and the lazy beat of “From the Coast We Traveled East.” Sequencers gurgle over long chords and pads. It’s a nice, laid-back and accessible piece–and then things begin to change. “Eventually, We Reached the Desert” and “We Set Up Camp, and Got Drunk” are more angular and leaning toward disjuncture. “Eventually…” is pushed along with a thudding beat and a melody played out two plunking notes at a time. “We Set Up Camp…” elbows its way in with a recorded conversation thrown over hissing drones and a shuffling beat that turns into an almost-urgent and strident rhythm. After this is where the shift toward ambient and deeper spaces begins. “When We Woke Up We Realized We Were Lost” tosses out the beats and turns the landscape into a mist-shrouded, half-lighted place. “Night Fell. We Saw A Light and Walked Toward It” starts out hushed, but evolves into big-waveform ambient, swells of sound layered with more vocal samples. It leads to the center of the release, the 29-minute title track. This alone is worth the price of admission. It’s a vast, droning track, recorded live, heavy on the low end and accentuated throughout with (more) muffled vocal bits and other wayward sounds. Thematically, if this is the point where we experience theophany–the physical manifestation of God–then this is the slightly disjointed, mind-altering space we’re taken into, experiencing something with which we’re not familiar, and looking back through the manifestation to get our bearings. Elliott takes us through it with these gentle sounds and breath-slowing simplicity, but heightens our awareness with the additional elements. Late in the track he folds in harsher sounds, forcibly pushing us out of reverie. A great track. It also serves to take us into the disc’s biggest gamble, “We Made It Back to the Coast.” Minimal drones rise to a buzzing level, then give way to a long stretch of little more than wind, rumbles of thunder, birdsong and field recordings. (And a couple of jarring slams.) This is where Elliott runs the genuine risk of losing the listener. We’re talking about almost 10 minutes of a 14-minute piece given over to what might literally be a sound recorder sitting on a window sill. Listen at the very end–someone comes over and picks it up. I find this part fascinating for its simplicity, the layering of sound–I can’t tell if the wind or a bass drone is grumbling at the low edge of hearing–and also for its sheer ballsiness. I do think, however, that a fair share of listeners may be put off by it. The disc closes with the  deep drones of “We Mourned the Dead, and Drew Comfort from God,” another live recording, to end the story.

I like the way that Theophany starts with very open doors, very accessible and, for lack of a better word, easy, and then gets more challenging as its story progresses. Elliott’s not afraid to leave people behind in pursuit of what he’s got to say. The depth of sound here is excellent, and it’s a very affecting release. I’m coming to appreciate Toaster more with each new exposure.

Available at Bandcamp.

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Toaster, Matt Davignon, Jim Kaiser at the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco

Todd Elliott Toaster Playing Music Ambient Synth Drones If you’re lucky enough to be in San Francisco on Thurday the 8th of August, head on down to the The Luggage Store Gallery, 1007 Market Street. Live ambient improvisations and electronics are the order of the night. There’s a sliding scale entry free so you have no excuses. Our very own Todd Elliott will be playing live. The full line up is as follows:

8:15pm: Toaster
8:45pm: Matt Davignon (drum machine)
9:30pm: Jim Kaiser

Toaster is the solo project of Todd Elliott, who makes music by programming things, and occasionally other methods– his live sets are focused around improvised drones. His latest record “Theophany”, along with many others, can be found at Todd has released 2 albums on Invisible Agent Records.

The Luggage Store Gallery

Also known as the 509 Cultural Center, is a non profit artist run multidisciplinary arts organization, founded in 1987. Promoting multidisciplinary arts accessible to and reflective of San Francisco Bay Area residents. Their programs are designed to broaden social and aesthetic networks, and to encourage the flow of images and ideas between the diverse cultural communities that exist in San Francisco and beyond.

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