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Warren Daly – DJ Mix / AgentCast – Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica


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The latest AgentCast from Warren Daly is a smooth blend of minimal electronic textures and floating ambient soundscapes.

It includes delicate melodies and singing reverberations from Arovane, Japanese composer Hirohito Ihara (a.k.a Radicalfashion), Pete Namlock and Robert Rich to name just a few.

Warren generally concentrates on mixing Electro and Techno but in this mixdown he covers many distinctive and elegant styles of Electronica and awakens a multitude of emotions, highlighting his diverse and innovative abilities. Repeated listening is sure to alleviate any fears of Denje.

Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica DJ Mix / Podcast by Warren Daly -  Right click and “Save as” to download – MP3

Ambient, Downtempo, Electronica DJ Mix / Podcast by Warren Daly -  Right click and “Save as” to download – OGG


  1. Arovane – tomorrow morning – TowerBlock
  2. Modeselektor – em ocean – BPitch Control
  3. Mum – winter (what we never were after all) -  Fatcat
  4. Corrugated Tunnel – Careful what you wish for (string reprise) – Invisible Agent Records
  5. Robert Rich – Vertigo -  Soundscape/Robert Rich
  6. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxegene pt 1 – Dreyfus
  7. Steve Roach – The memory – Projekt
  8. Xela – In Deo Salutari Meo
  9. William Basinski – dip 1.1 – 2062
  10. Lull – slow fall inward – Subharmonic
  11. Radicalfashion – suna – Hefty
  12. Pete Namlock & Klaus Schulze – set the controls for the heart of the mother (Part 3)
  13. Steve Roach – arrival – Projekt
  14. Modeselektor – edgar – BPitch Control

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New Agent Cast – Warren Daly – DJ Mix / Tech House & Techno

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Check out my latest DJ mix (Agent Cast) of various tracks I own on vinyl since 1994 with more recent digital releases interleaved. Plenty of 303 action from Richie Hawtin’s ‘do da doo’ later complimented by Corrugated Tunnel’s ‘Acid Rox’ on Invisible Agent. I’m loving Surgeon’s double rework of Ed Chamberlain’s ‘Synthia’ . I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Tech House / Techno DJ Mix / Podcast by Warren Daly -  Right click and “Save as” to download


1.  Francois K – The Road Of Life (Quiet Village Sound Factory) – Deep Space Media
2.  Carl Craig – Falling up – Studio !K7
3.  Dusty Kid – Milk – Systematic
4.  Robotman – do da doo – Novamute
5.  Josh Wink – Jus right – Ovum Recordings
6.  Def Disko – In your arms (Corrugated Tunnel Remix) – Invisible Agent Records
7.  Corrugated Tunnel – Acid Rox – Invisible Agent Records
8.  Modeselektor – The Black Block – BPitch Control
9.  Ed Chamberlain – Synthia (Surgeon remix remixed by Surgeon) – BaseLogic
10. Si Begg – Better Living Through Distortion (Lars Moston And Duncan Whiteley Remix) – Noodles Recordings
11. Simian Mobile Disco – It’s the beat – Wichita
12. Hell – Diese Momente Werden Nicht Verloren Sein Wie Tränen Im Regen – Sativae

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New Agent Cast (DJ Mix) from John Dalton (August 2009)

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Check out the latest DJ mix (Agent Cast) from John Dalton

A blend of straight up Techno. Right click and “Save as” to download


  1. Gerald Mitchell – Out the Boat
  2. Gaetano Parisio & Danilo Vigorito – Logica EP C1
  3. Alba Patera – Cag
  4. Jeff Mills – La Force
  5. Gary Martin – Puna Kauai
  6. Leni Faki – Lusaka Pt.2
  7. Mark Williams – Love Club Pt.2
  8. Bryan Zentz – D-Clash
  9. Leandro Gamez – You are Poison
  10. The Deacon – Multi-Dimensional Drama
  11. John Dalton – After
  12. Gayle San – Get Serious
  13. Ben Sims Vs Mark Broom – City Life
  14. Rino Cerrone – Total Off
  15. John Dalton – Trial4
  16. Diego – Mind Detergent (Robert Hood Mix 2)
  17. Deetron – Don’t You Know Why?
  18. Gerald Mitchell – Freedom Dancer
  19. John Dalton – Tint
  20. Bandulu – Deadly Ride

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Audio Terrorists Rathlin Fundraiser

Next Friday, 24th July, the Audio Terrorists are out to inflict some more noise on your aural passages in an attempt to raise some much needed funds for their upcoming trip to Rathlin Island for the return of the Jigs & Rigs festival this coming bank holiday weekend.

Venue: The Pint, Eden Quay (was Soul 28)
Date: Friday, 24th July
Time: 10pm – Late
Admission: €8 (suggested donation)

Line Up

Prince Kong (!Kaboogie)
Herv (CockRockDisco)
PCP (!Kaboogie)
DJ Welfare (Electronic Resistance)
A-Force (Alphabet Set)
Chuck (Homespun)


Jigs & Rigs Fund Raiser - Audio Terrorists

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Download Now: New Agent Cast from Corrugated Tunnel (April 2009)


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Right click and “Save as” to download the full mix

Check out the latest mix from Edwin James, recently broadcast on SPIN FM.


001 Relation: ‘Your Tiny Mind’ (Life Like remix) // UrbanTorque
Gui Boratto ‘Take my breath away’ // Kompakt
Gerald Mitchell ‘Los Sunshine’ // ICAN Productions
Corrugated Tunnel ‘Dublin to New York’ (Rob Rowland Remix) // seedyR
A:XUS ‘Suite Dissapointment’ // Rebirth
DK7 ‘Relapse’ // Process
Rennie Foster ‘Devils Water’ (Miguel Santos Remix) // Rebirth
Valentin Huedo ‘Madrid’ // CDR
Chelonis R. Jones ‘Pompadour’ (Gorge Remix) // Systematic
Marc Romboy ‘Karambolage’ // Systematic
John Dalton ‘Tint’ // seedyR
Mush ‘Test 66′ // Night Vision
El Prevost ft. D – Ham  ‘Do You Remember’ (Kink Remix) // Elevation
Corrugated Tunnel ‘Temple Jack’ // seedyR

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ikeaboy – Live on Sat 25th April

ikeaboy live in Cork

ikeaboy live in Cork

Optimist Gryme presents a selection of Dubstep, Electro, Breaks & Experimental music

ikeaboy (Invisible Agent, D1, SeedyR)
drokkr (Stupid Fly, Betamorph)
millis (Tir Na gCasta)
rekmekanik – (Tir Na gCasta)

The Swan Bar, Cork – Sat 25th April, 9pm – 2pm

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Invisible Agent now available on ZUNE

Zune Music Service

Zune Music Service

Our music catalogue is now available on the Zune subscription service. Users of the Zune hardware, a wireless media player can easily download any of our tracks. Our music is already available on eMusic, iTunes, Napster, Juno and many more online stores.

For the latest updates be sure to connect to us on the following networks Twitter, Virb, Myspace and LastFM

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ikeaboy – more free downloads from our back catalogue

We’re still going through our back catalogue and are offering up some of our previous releases as free music downloads, similar to our Net EP releases.

We’re thrilled to be able to offer this and hope you’ll take the chance to check out these free downloads.

ikeaboy – The Shawnee Curse

ikeaboy - the shawnee curse

ikeaboy - the shawnee curse

A seven track E.P of minimal techno and electro from ikeaboy. It was updated and re-released as we sold out of the original version within a few weeks. This contains diverse remixes by Corrugated Tunnel, Invisible Agent and Lakker.

Boasts the same sense of foreboading and understated dynamics as classic Robert hood material- DJ Mag

Download the ZIP file here ikeaboy – The Shawnee Curse

We hope you enjoy this release and make sure to check back for news, Agent Casts and more free downloads. If you’d like to be notified of upcoming releases and free music downloads please subscribe to our newsletter using the sign up box in the right column.

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World’s first environmentally friendly record

pressing1Using the latest technological advances in biodegradable films and plastics, Invisible Agent Records, in association with a undisclosed pressing plant, are to release the world’s first biodegradable record.

In a recent interview Warren Daly stated: “We have worked very hard on this idea for many years. We started with a 7″ prototype but have recently developed technology to allow us to extend the process to a 10″ disc.”

He went on to say that “During times of economic and environmental uncertainty somebody has to take bold steps to address several issues. We know that vinyl sales are down and vinyl production costs are up. Punters just don’t have the money, they have to buy food, they have to survive.”

Describing further technological advances he said, “A few months back we were approached by a Belgian company wishing to investigate merging the biodegradable plastics technology with a new form of confectionery process. This enabled us to produce a record that could play on any standard deck, but could at a later stage be consumed.”

He continued saying, “You will be able to play the record without audio degradation for well over 100 plays. When you’re finished, or if you don’t like the release anymore, you can just eat the record. Right now we have just one flavour, chocolate, but are working closely with the Belgians and should be launching a wide range of fascinating flavours on our next release.”

This exciting development could lead to further parallel projects such as complementing flavoured rice paper record sleeves and stickers.

Warren was unable to comment on the nutritional value of each record, but stated that clear labelling of the nutritional information would be printed on the record sleeve in line with European Communities Labelling, Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs Regulations 2002.

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