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Music Recommendations – low freq grooves and kicking beats

There was much interest in the Ambient and more laid back releases I mentioned in my previous post. To balance things out and to satisfy the friendly requests I’ve decided to share some beat orientated recommendations. I post links and recommendations more frequently on Twitter, so come on by and say hello. Enjoy these fantastic Netlabel releases and support the artists if possible.

Thefft – The primer EP – Cut Records

cut records - 007 The crew at Cut run a tight ship. Their attention and love for high quality releases is unyielding. In their latest low frequency salvo, Thefft delivers a unique dubbed out tech groover peppered with synths. As samples shots and broken beats mutate, this 3 track EP almost has an early 90′s warehouse feel. As with all releases on Cut, it’s hard to pigeon hole this EP, even after several listens it’s still hard to figure out if the beats are about to drop to more a languid level or become delirious. A sure player for the headphones or in a DJ set, tasty morsels once again from Cut. Download the release now.

Marcoerre – When i’m away – Unfoundsound

marcoerre - when i'm away - unfoundsound

The third release on unfoundsound by Italian producer Marcoerre. When I’m away’ EP is an easy going minimal Techno number. Spacious and dreamy layers are inter-fused with old school analogue drum hits. Purposeful pattern changes and synth sweeps keep the listener mesmerized. Perfect for attention with a set of headphones or on a very large club sound system. Recommended. Download the release here.

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Music Recommendations – magical ambient scapes and laid back beats

It’s been a bit quiet on the web front as I’ve been rearranging my music studio. I’ll be back in to the swing of things again soon. There is an upcoming AgentCast mix for December, so stay tuned. It’s been a while since I wrote a Netlabel review, I promise more are on the way. I’ve decided to highlight 4 releases that need your attention and should certainly be in your music collection.

Netlabel releases that are essential for your music collection

Ketsa – 11.11 Vol 1 and 11.11 Vol 11 (2 X LP)

Dominic Giam - Ketsa - 11.11 vol 1 Ketsa (Dominic Giam) is an extremely talented and prolific artist.  Based in London, Dominic hails from the free party scene and is an experienced musician and DJ. With several vinyl and a whole range of digital releases he has crafted himself a unique and beautiful sound.  His latest release 11.11 Vol1 is on BFW Recordings and is available for free here. Layers of intricate melodies and samples glide you gently through a fresh and positively charged journey.

If that wasn’t enough, Ketsa has released a 2nd album in parallel. Entitled ’11.11 Vol 11′ it is available for free on Bandcamp. Stunning creations to say the least.


Dustmotes – None for the crow EP

dustmotes_none-for-the-crowProducer and sound designer Paul Crocker (a.k.a. dustmotes) releases his 2nd EP entitled “None For The Crow”. Ambient soundscapes and hypnotic reverie are the order on this excellent EP.  Full of serene ambient textures and guitar based resonances, this EP leaves you wanting for more. Check out the release on Dusted Wax



Ambienteer – Arromanches EP

ambienteer-arromanchesJames introduces new and different textures and techniques on all his releases, re-enforcing the fact he is a gifted and experienced experimental artist. The tracks on Arromanches are deep and rich. James transforms his experiences and emotions directly into engaging sounds on this fabulous EP.

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Do It All – Phnom Penh, Relaunch

DO IT ALL - RELAUNCH PARTY, Phnom Penh, CambodiaIf you’re in Phnom Penh on Saturday the 3rd of November, be sure to drop in to the ‘Do It All‘ Club on Street 174. The venue has been revamped with even more improvements to come. To celebrate they’re throwing a relaunch party, free entry, drinks & live performances.

Beats & bass with be served in healthy doses by Mekong Bass ‘Treediver’ and Warren Daly from Invisible Agent. This capable duo have already displayed their dance-floor filling skills at various venues around town. If you’re looking for non-commercial tunes ranging from dubstep, drum & bass to finer instrumental house then come on down, we’re gonna be partying late. If that wasn’t enough, Professor Kinski will be playing live, you may have already heard his Cambodian Space Project remixes. He’ll be keeping the bass low and funky with a wicked live performance. A perfect trio to ignite the party, we know you’ll be  getting your wiggle on. Hope to see you there.


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Virtual painting wall using recycled electronics: The Art of Virtual Obsolescence

Chhan Dina painting on the virtual canvas

Chhan Dina painted live on a virtual painting wall that was made with seemingly obsolete equipment and a WiiRemote for less then $50 (US)

Warren Daly from Invisible Agent and Chhan Dina presented their virtual painting wall at TEDx in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Their presentation was entitled ‘The art of virtual obsolescence‘ and they displayed a working example of an interactive graffiti and painting wall constructed from recycled electronic equipment. You can read more about it here, a fully detailed document of how we built and used this technology will be available soon.

Think big and be creative

We want to encourage you to think big and breakdown the barriers restricting your creativity. It doesn’t have to be art, you can think creatively about everything you do in life.

So what’s stopping you?

We shared our experiences overcoming obstacles restricting us from creating digital art. We proved it is possible. All you need is a good idea, a little bit of research and help from your friends. Believe in yourself, you can do it.

Watch our presentation at TEDx Phnom Penh

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Electronica podcast: Warren Daly mixes a fresh selection of Netlabel tracks

Warren Daly electronica podcast Check out some fresh Netlabel goodness in this 14 track, 1 hour mix of bass heavy Dub, glitched out Electronica, Jazz and Hip Hop influenced breakbeat.

Excursions in to electronica

I was busy with various other projects in October. TEDx was the main focus of my attention, so I took some time off to reflect and build on my next live electronics project, hence the delay in getting this mix out in October. During this time I discovered some brilliant new Netlabels and very talented artists. Sweeping from Breakbeat, Ambient, minimal Techno and some more Jazz influenced gems.

Cut Records go from strength to strength with Bryn Thomas’s excellence ‘Feel for bumps’ EP.  Once again we’re treated to the fantastic talents of Ghost Kid and his  intriguing and well executed Electronica. Some conscious dub from the talented Dadub, all their tracks are phenomenal. Phillip Wilkerson winds things down with some washed out soundscapes, a kind of intermission before Ketsa has you feeling a little melancholic, during this time you should take a moment to reflect on the sheer quality of Netlabel and Creative Commons music. DML features in yet another mix of mine, I really wish I heard more from DML and of course the Grunfield netlabel, quality minimal Techno and Tech rollers. I await the next moves from all of these Netlabels.

Please remember, very talented musicians want you to enjoy their fantastic music, please share the love and check out each artist at their website below and give them the support they deserve. All the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. Happy listening.


Right click one of the links below and choose “Save as” or “Save link as” to download

MP3 version: Podcast by Warren Daly – Electronica Mix
OGG version: Podcast by Warren Daly – Electronica Mix

Please join us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our RSS feed. You can download all our podcasts here.


  1. Bryn Thomas – Feel For Bumps Then Grind – Cut
  2. Ghost Kid – Zoned Out in the Martian Lab – BFW
  3. Pyotr- One Last Look At The Past – BFW
  4. DADUB – dub on struggle – A Quiet Bump
  5. Phillip Wilkerson – Saturday – Bandcamp
  6. Ketsa – Patriated – Ketsa
  7. Elypixa – Remembrance hip hop – BFW
  8. DML – Fin (Suedmilch Remix) – Gruenfeld
  9. One D & Edrian Sailing – Growing shadows – Cicutanet label
  10. Sephirot – When the Neon is Flashing – Planet Rec
  11. Lowbard – cold days – Bleep Sequence
  12. BingSatellites – Electricity – BFW
  13. Bryn Thomas – Chatter – Cut
  14. The dwindlers – RoyalSuitors – FeedbackLoop

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Netabel Tracker #12: FeedbackLoop Label

feedbackloop netlabelFounder Leonardo Rosado and artist Gacouganol continue their innovative quests to combine exciting new sounds, stunning visuals and poetry on their Netlabel FeedbackLoop. They truly are champions of Creative Commons and the Netlabel cause.

What’s so special about FeedbackLoop Label

Consistancy and quality are certainly traits I associate with FeedbackLoop label. They release intriguing CDr, digital downloads and beautiful digital postcards. They differentiate themselves even more by conjuring up inventive ways to captivate and fascinate their listeners using a myriad of mediums.

Feedback Loop Netlabel seeks to release music from whatever genre so long as it challenges, is emotive and is of high standard. Feedback Loop releases both digital editions and limited hand-made physical editions under a creative commons license.

It’s all about the listeners pleasure

FeedbackLoop aim to create timeless pieces of art. This is instantly obvious if you check out any of their releases. While their catalog is not filling up as fast as other labels, their 19 current releases and 9 podcasts are all notable creations. Quality over quantity is their mantra. Their combinations of text, photography, artwork and soundscapes are breathtaking. Certainly a benchmark for artists and other labels to reference.

Prepare to be engaged

FeedbackLoop is one of my ‘go to’ labels when I am searching for engaging music to listen to and include in my Agentcasts. My previous podcasts have included tracks by Savaran and Leonardo Rosado. I always take time to reflect on their artwork and photography, you can see that love and attention went in to every detail.

They have a fantastic roster of artists, my best advise is to visit their site and enjoy everyone of their amazing creations. As always I wait in anticipation and excitement for their next release.

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Win a copy of Bliss, a simple and accurate audio tagger and album artwork finder

bliss mp3 taggerDan Gravell has given us an unlimited version of his excellent audio tagging and album artwork finder worth $50. To win this very useful and time saving software, all you have to do is answer one simple question.

When was the first Invisible Agent podcast made available for download?

Please answer in the comments box below. Bliss is licensed ‘per fix’. This means, for every fix Bliss makes to your music library, it costs you one ‘fix’. Right now, that only applies to each time album art is saved, resized or embedded. Bliss tells you how many fixes you have and how many you need to complete its work. If you win this ‘unlimited fixes’ version you’ll be able to fix your entire collection for life. Best of luck.

Thanks to Dan Gravell, creator of Bliss for his generosity.

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Bliss: the music lovers personal assistant

Are you still performing manual MP3 tagging? Want to know how to finally tame your music collection?

A few weeks ago I posted an article about ID3 tags and I recommended Easy Tag. Shortly afterwards I was contacted by Dan Gravell who was kind enough to give me a copy of Bliss. Bliss is software for tagging and organizing your music collection and it’s the best tagging software I’ve ever used.

A powerful application that saves you time

Bliss is an excellent innovation, a rule based service that allows for effortless tagging of large music collections. I highly recommend Bliss. Gone are the days of manually configuring and painstakingly tagging your music. It is simple to use but has a variety of brilliant features. Here is a summary:

  • Runs silently in the background – never again will you have to worry about tagging. Bliss automatically tags and organizes your files for you. Seeing is believing, this is one of the most powerful, time saving applications I’ve used in a long time
  • Works on Mac, Windows and Linux – finally a software development company that lives in the real world
  • Fast and easy to use – it uses very little memory and is fast and efficient
  • Web based interface – accessible from anywhere on your network, or even across the world

Stress testing Bliss

When you add or update music to your collection, Bliss automatically assesses the music against your rules, fixing what it can, and letting you know if it cannot. It can rename files, folders, assign the correct tags and even automatically embeds the proper album artwork. So lets see how Bliss handled some tests I threw at it, I was purposely trying to catch Bliss out:

  • Rarities: Added thousands of rare 1930′s Jazz and Swing – within seconds Bliss was automatically tagging and finding album art for rarities and collectors items
  • How does it cope with massive collections? I added 90,000 music files, spanning multiple genres and releases over the past 20 years.  I’ve been struggling to tame these files for a long time. What I hadn’t completed in 3 years of constantly and meticulously working my way from folder to folder was sorted out by Bliss in an afternoon. I didn’t have to do anything! Now I know why they call it Bliss.
  • Accuracy: I dropped a bunch of creative commons music and some rare music from independent record labels. Bliss glided through them, place the correct album art, and even assigning the year and correcting the genre tag. Bliss nailed it every time.

Bliss: the music lovers personal assistant

It doesn’t matter what operating system you run or what your favorite media player is, if you love music you need Bliss.  Bliss is one of the most powerful, time saving applications I’ve used in a long time. To learn more about features, read tutorials and testimonials click here. Happy listening.

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Virtual painting wall at TEDx Phnom Penh

What’s stopping you from being creative?

Warren Daly calibrating the LCD on an over head projector

Warren Daly - calibrating the LCD

Warren Daly from Invisible Agent and Chhan Dina presented at this years TEDx in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The event combined live speakers with TED video screenings and discussions on the 15th of October 2011. Their presentation was entitled ‘The art of virtual obsolescence‘ and they displayed a working example of an interactive graffiti and painting wall constructed from recycled electronic equipment.

What is TEDx?

At a TEDx event, TEDTalks videos and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. This years event hosted 16 speakers covering topics such as global awareness, education, Khmer Unicode and more. There was live painting, spoken word and live music with participation from the audience. The event was streamed live on the web as part of the TEDx simulcast. Click here for more information regarding TEDx Phnom Penh.

Overcoming the barriers

Chhan Dina painting on the virtual canvas

Chhan Dina painting on a 2 meter wide digital canvas

Dina and Warren also encourage others to dream big and to overcome the barriers restricting their creativity. They shared experiences of how they overcame obstacles restricting them from creating digital art due to lack of access to resources. Chhan Dina painted live on a virtual painting wall that was made with seemingly obsolete equipment and a WiiRemote for less then $50 (US)

Build an interactive art projector using recycled equipment & a Wiimote

List of equipment

Full instructions including plans, photos and open source software coming soon!

The Team

Warren and Dina love to use their spare time teaching visual arts to underprivileged children and orphans in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. They are constantly dreaming of new and innovative ways to explore and create art and digital media.

Chhan Dina – Cambodia painter & sculptor

Chhan Dina, Cambodia painter & sculptorDina Chhan works in a range of media, including painting and sculpture. Themes of life, music and everyday activities have captured her imagination over the past ten years.




Warren Daly – musician & visual artist

Excursions into man-machine integration has launched Warren headlong into the world of dynamic, engaging live electronics. He is always conjuring up larger and more extravagant ideas, so keep your ears and eyes peeled.  

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A blast from the past and the future

In January 2001, about a year after myself and Donard McCabe started Invisible Agent we went to hear a band called :undermine: play in the Temple Bar Music center in Dublin. We heard them again at the Mean Fiddler a few months later and swapped numbers and email addresses. Dublin city is not exactly a sprawling metropolis so it wasn’t long before we met :undermine: band members Ian and Dara again at gigs around town. It was an exciting time in Ireland, the electronic music scene was vibrant and the attitude of punters and producers was open and enthusiastic (and still is).


:undermine: were a 4 piece band with influences such as Tool, The Prodigy and releases on Rephlex and Warp record labels. The band had a unique style and certainly released a lot of energy on stage. Every time I heard them play it was an intense and unusual experience. More than you can say about most bands. In 2003 Invisible Agent net-released a 4 track EP by :undermine: and some of their tracks would also be included on our first and very popular free Invisible Agent compilation CD. They were described in the Journal of Music in Ireland as “one of the best electronic acts in Ireland”. Certainly a good start.


At the same time Dara and Ian started a project called Lakker, heavily influenced by breakcore and noise. We heard their creations and jumped at the opportunity to help promote their talents. Not only did we release a 4 track net release by Lakker in 2003 we also released (probably not many of you know this)  a 5 track net-release by Suburban Cutting Champions (another moniker of theirs). Later they would go on to release on other fine labels such as Alphabet Set, RISC, Lazybird, Acroplane, !Kaboogie and Stasis. They certainly work hard at attracting followers with their addictive, energetic and glitchy bass heavy salvos of sound. Their intricate programming and experimental mash-ups using everything from hardware loops to crazy software configurations certainly keeps even the most lethargic listener engaged and entertained. Eo and Dara have got even more attention lately, Richard D James played 3 Lakker tracks in one of his DJ sets (July 2011), it must be encouraging to get a nod from Mr James.


So what’s the point of this little history lesson? Well, after all this time both Eo and Dara are still creating and Invisible Agent is alive and kicking (although at times we are never sure the bilge pump will keep all the water out). I think that’s pretty neat and it gives me unmeasurable pleasure to announce Ian Mc Donnell’s first solo EP on Invisible Agent entitled ‘mnk’. Keep your ears open and eyes peeled for future releases from Eomac and Lakker. Exciting times all round.

Remember, you heard it first on Invisible Agent ;) oh, and do tell your friends.

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