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Ketsa’s new album ‘Al Kemet’ – Meditative Yet Energising

Ketsa creates something magical

Al Kemet – the Western interpretation of Egyptian magic, from which is drawn the word Alchemy, a mixture and blend of the familiar and the exotic, the known and the unknown, the comforting and the unsettling, disparate elements fused together to create something new and unique, far greater than the sum of its parts. Al Kemet is the debut release from London musician Dominic Giam under his Ketsa moniker on the international net label, Invisible Agent.



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Meditative yet energising

Down-tempo yet exuberant, meditative yet energising, hypnotic yet startling, Al Kemet is the soundtrack of an imagined cosmopolitan existence where dividing lines are replaced by charcoal smudges and barriers dissolve like chalk drawings on a path washed away by a summer’s rain. From the album’s opening track Solution where glitchy London beats travel comfortably along with sweeping echoes of Eastern soundscapes, through to the jazzy breaks of Distillation with its playful piano work that turns inward and contemplative when accompanying the wrenching repeated mantra of Purification, from the squelchy bass and tabla slaps that knit together the altogether darker Calcination through to the clipped shuffle-echoes of dubstep that permeate much of the album, breaking free at last in a hidden track that bounces along at the end as a cheeky celebration of all that has come before, Al Kemet is a heady thaumaturgical blend that is indeed greater than the sum of its parts.

Paintings by Dina Chhan, Cambodian artist, sculptor, painter.

Fusion of live instrumentation

Ketsa’s fusion of live instrumentation laid down over worked electronica has in the past echoed the dreamscapes of Boards of Canada and the glitch-hop of Prefuse 73, but here he creates something that he can definitively call his own, something that delivers new complexities with each listening and tells a different story every time. Accompanied by a series of 15 painted panels from the Cambodian artist Chhan Dina, one for each track, that capture the album’s sonic fusion of traditions in a synesthetic explosion of colour, Al Kemet is out now on Invisible Agent.

About Ketsa

Dominic Giam - KetsaLondon-based Dominic Giam is a veteran musician, DJ and producer, performing since 1997 under both his now retired ‘Shaolin’ alias and his current ‘Ketsa’ incarnation. Previous albums have been released by Soapsud City, End Daze Recordings and BFW, while his tracks have featured on numerous compilations including releases from Stutgartt’s Mutan Records and Primate Endangered Species. This is his first release with Invisible Agent.
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Here’s a Quick Way to Fill up Your Hard Disk

We’ve released our entire back catalog for free. Today I want to draw your attention to other items on the site that have always been free.

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We like to call them AgentCasts and now a total of 39 mixes are available to download. Ranging from Ambient, Glitch, House, Techno, Electronica, Drum & Bass to Electro, and they’re all free. No registration or sign up required. Here are the first 12 in the series. Enjoy

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ebauche - Alex Leonard 


Electronic, glitch, EDM



Electro, Techno

Danseizure - Dan Gorman 


Electronic, Ambient

Love Rhino 

Love Rhino

Drum and bass, electronica, glitch



electro, techno


Corrugated Tunnel

House, Tech

Corrugated Tunnel 

Corrugated Tunnel

House, Electro



Ambient, Glitch, Electronica

Corrugated Tunnel 

Corrugated Tunnel

House, Tech

John Dalton 

John Dalton


Warren Daly 

Warren Daly

Techno, Tech House

Warren Daly 

Warren Daly

Ambient, Downtempo, Chillout

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We’ve released 8 albums and 19 singles on Invisible Agent Records since 2000. We’ve also released 5 x 12″ vinyl pressings.

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Breaks and Bass – Warren Daly – Podcast

Even more beats and bass

Warren Daly - DJ MIX - Beats and BassI’m back with more beats as I mix it up with everything from Dubstep to Electro, Breakbeat to Drum and Bass. All Netlabel as always. Another fine edition to my expanding collection of podcasts. 3 Invisible Agent acts feature on this mix, Undermine, Decal, and a track from an upcoming album by Ketsa. Thanks to Basil for the cover photo of Rotterdam City, Netherlands. Another beautiful image from his Skanvas project.

Netlabel Music Recommendations

Neuroplastic is building up a fine back catalog of tasty bass music. Cut Records deliver even more super polished bass heavy tunes, pure quality. Big shout out to Andy a.k.a A-Force and the Irish collective alphabetset. Another phenomenal composition by adapt. The Netlabel scene is going from strength to strength these days. Enjoy the mix and be sure to leave a comment below.

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MP3 version – Filesize: 74MB Podcast by Warren Daly – Bass music Mix August 2012

OGG version – Filesize: 80MB Podcast by Warren Daly – Bass music Mix August 2012

Listen to more on: Bandcamp | Mixcloud | Soundcloud

Tracklisting – Aritst – Track – Label

Monokle & Galun – Happy Sun – 12rec
A-Force – Young Tree – alphabetset
Hazy Memories – Sleepwalk – bandcamp
4cantons – Scherer8 – Brutal Attack Records
Stereo Silence – At the Night Walk – NeuroPlastic
Eagle Nebula – Waiting… – Blogspot
Monokle & Galun – Fine Care – 12rec
Sigmafly – Radio Sleep – Cut
Vapor Maché – Silk Loves Water – NeuroPlastic
undermine – iviag – Invisble Agent
Adapt – Venus Underwater – Bandcamp
Decal- Look So Fine – Invisible Agent
Ketsa – Rectification – Invisible Agent
Xtrngr – Bell mountain – Brutal Attack Records
paranerd – caught your tumble – One (Canada)

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Warren Daly – Beats & Bass – AgentCast – August 2012

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Netlabel recommendations and reviews

What is the Netlabel Tracker?

The netlabel tracker contains reviews and recommendation of quality netlabels that are active and innovative. I’m wish to spread the reviews across as many genres as possible.

Why do I post Netlabel reviews?

Discovering great new music is gratifying, but some days the thought of scouring the web for freshly pressed tunes can impede even the most determined of us. The Netlabel tracker is suitably named with a nod to the historical events surrounding the creation and expansion of Netlabels from the tracker scene in the 90′s. I’ve discovered so many wonderful people, music, videos and blog posts that I wish to recommend them to you. It’ll save you time, hopefully you’ll even recommend netlabels, musicians and other creations with me in the comments below. Before I post the 13th review I wish to revisit the previous recommendations.

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Previous Recommendations & Reviews

feedbackloop netlabel


Combining exciting new sounds, stunning visuals and poetry. True champions of Creative Commons and the Netlabel cause

Born Digital - Passenger


Born Digital

A media collective run by experienced audio and video producers.

Archaic Horizon Netlabel Logo

Archaic Horizon

Languid breaks, fluid pads, ambient analogue soundscapes and meditative sonics. Quality.


Technically not a netlabel as such. But with 30 albums under his belt, James Fahy is certainly an essential ambient artist to have in your collection

Random Access Recordings - Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker

Random Access Recordings

Detroit based netlabel concentrating on quality house & techno.

foundsound records - Invisible Agent Netlabel Tracker #7

Unfound Sounds Records

Foundsound showcases quirky, dancefloor-friendly minimal Techno and Microhouse.


Diverse netlabel that specializes in downtempo electronic, ambient and experimental sounds.

yuki yaki

Yuki Yaki

Yuki Yaki is an artists platform and netlabel focused in the area of electronic media. Primarily minimal techno, electronica or clicks’n’cuts.


12 Rec excel in releasing quality music from post-rock outfits. Diverse and energetic recordings encompassing Lo-Fi folk, Shoegaze Indiepop, Chambermusic, Jazz, Avant-Garde and Americana.


BFW Recordings

Lush sound-scapes, glitchy indie, ambient and shoegaze. BFW have one of the impressive release catalogues around


Bump Foot

Japanese based Netlabels. Bump releases House and Techno while Foot concentrates on Ambient, IDM and Electro.

Forest Records

Forest Records

Covering a spectrum of musical stylings including but not limited to ambient soundscapes, electronica and singer-songwriter recordings.

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Eomac – Tabula Rasa Compilation, 21 of the best Eomac tracks from the last three years

21 of the best Eomac tracks from the last three years

The very talented Eomac who released his mnk EP on Invisible Agent just a few months ago has compiled 21 of his unreleased tracks. Unreleased in this instance means they were queued up for release on a number of labels but for various reasons they were not published. What I am trying to say is, these are not ‘B side’ tracks by any means. A huge salvo of solid tracks with the best grimey, bass heavy, glitch, spaced out beats from this rising producer. Get some…

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Ambient Melodies – Warren Daly – Podcast

Guitars, pianos, synths and lots of love

After a 3 week hiatus I’m back in South East Asia. During a 12 hour flight to Europe I found my previous podcasts invaluable for relaxation and to break the monotony of airport security. I’ve had several requests to make my mixes longer. So I’m going to try my best over the coming months to break 70 minutes on the beat orientated mixes and 90 minutes for the ambient excursions.

Recommendations & shares

warren daly - dj mix - july 2012Sam Grinsell doesn’t normally do electronic orientated works, I like his fusion of guitar effects and distortion. I always take note of shares on Twitter by @vuzhmusic, for this mix I used a track by the one and only C. Reider.

Please check out a great new netlabel We Are All Ghosts, with a strong roster of artists including Apta, who will feature in a future mix, this label is off to a great start. In this mix I used a track by the very talented Cousin Silas.

I also highly recommend following Free Floating Music on twitter @ffloating and check out the amazing music released on the freefloatingmusic netlabel. Daniel Robert Lahey is a new find for me, another very talented artist who comes highly recommended.

Enjoy the mix and be sure to leave a comment below. Thank to Basil for his Skanvas project where I obtained the fantastic photo for the cover artwork.

Stay informed

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MP3 version – Filesize: 126MB
Podcast by Warren Daly – Ambient Mix July 2012

OGG version – Filesize: 119MB
Podcast by Warren Daly – Ambient Mix July 2012

Tracklisting – Aritst – Track – Label

  1. Monokle & Galun – Smolder – 12rec
  2. Sam Grinsell – Shelter – Bandcamp
  3. Bing Satellites – Voices inside my head
  4. Daniel Robert Lahey – The sweetest drops  – Free Floating Music
  5. Aless – I’m mobile
  6. Phillip Wilkerson – Luminous Drift – Free Floating Music
  7. Bing Satellites – Rattle tattle doo dah
  8. Cousin Silas – Of Ancient Ways – We Are All Ghosts
  9. Daniel Robert Lahey – Wonder’s returning – Free Floating Music
  10. C. Reider – Organic Machinery cycle 3
  11. Bing Satellites – Keys to the kingdom

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New album by Ketsa – ‘Al Kemet’ with custom paintings by Dina Chhan

An upcoming A new album by the very talented Ketsa entitled ‘Al Kemet’ will be available soon. To make this release even more special, each track has been interpreted by Cambodian female artist Dina Chhan. One of the 16 beautifully hand crafted wooden frames painted by Dina Chhan using acrylic paint can be yours to enjoy along side this fantastic album. (2 panels were used for the digital covers and have been given to Dominic, 14 panels, 1 for each track will be available soon)

Listen now

Click here to pre-order

Purchasing a painting of your choice will be accustomed by a digital download voucher. Inquiries are most welcome here

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Techno Bass – Toaster – Podcast

Masterfully mixed 4/4 beats and bass with a tribal influence

Toaster-June-2012-CoverTodd Elliott a.k.a Toaster steps up and shows off his mixing skills in this 1 hour mix of beats and bass. Not only is Todd a skilled DJ he composes beautiful music too. We’ve been belting this out in our office since we received it, we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do. We regularly post Netlabel links and other goodies on Twitter. Alternatively join us on Google+ or Facebook or subscribe to our RSS feed. You can download all our podcasts here.

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Right click the link below and choose “Save as” or “Save link as” to download

DOWNLOAD – Podcast by Toaster – Techno Mix June 2012

Tracklisting – Coming soon…..

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