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WASH – Triptych

WASH features music by Warren Daly (Invisible Agent), Alex Leonard (Ebauche) and Hal Fx (Audio Mainline). A hybrid soundscape of rhythm, synthesis, live instrumentation and location recordings, guided by the poetry and spoken word of Scott Bywater.

Part One leads us through the sublime heat of Cambodia’s capital city.
Part Two finds us drifting across Europe.
Part Three is a more reflective piece on the Art of Living.

The WASH collaboration is a blending of spoken poetry and music in a way you’ve never heard before. A voice walks through a series of evocative and ever-evolving soundscapes, a mixture of the organic with the electronic: loops and beats, found sounds, liquid guitar lines, squeaks and moans.

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Triptych is a three part work arranged thematically. Part one captures the slow-moving heat of Phnom Penh, Cambodia; part two propulsively celebrates the art of travel; part three drifts through an examination of the art of living.
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The soundscape was augmented by three paintings by Chhan Dina and Adriana Snochowska, one each individually and one collaboratively, that were created while listening to rehearsals.

the art of living/water by Chhan Dina and Adrianna Snochowska

the art of living/water by Chhan Dina and Adrianna Snochowska

The sound of WASH is created by three music producers and one poet, interacting piece by piece to weave ideas in and out and around, maintaining high degree of improvisation and flexibility within a disciplined structure. Never the same twice.

the art of travel/fire through air by Adrianna Snochowska

the art of travel/fire through air by Adrianna Snochowska

It always begins with silence, a blank page. Then follows a spark. Four minds combined, and the silence was slowly filled. Two further minds expanded the space into colour. What were they building, and how? They didn’t know. And yet by doing they made.

Buy the limited edition colour booklet now (includes album download)

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  1. Triptych - A beautiful project / November 17th, 2013 8:22 AM

    [...] A lot of love and time has gone into this project, and I’d be delighted if you checked it out. All support is greatly appreciated, and many thanks to Invisible Agent for handling the release! [...]


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  3. Invisible Agent

    Invisible Agent / June 19th, 2014 7:08 AM

    As reviewed by Hypnagogue


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