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“The diligence and experience of this producer shines through in this accomplishment. It is full of life, stuffed with emotion, and rammed with coherence. It has a solid grounding, a bold angle, and driving direction. Diverse integrity. Simple clarity. A tinge of insanity. A glowing intrigue” Netlabelism

“spacey, sometimes stalking 8-bit sounds with plenty of squidgy goodness added….. boundary-pushing electronic releases” – We Are Noise

“smacker of a seventeen-minute, 4-track EP (T-Woc) is a dab hand when it comes to voice sampled, beat-funk electro all done in a Luke Vibert stylee.” – Philip Neeson

There are two T-Wocs. Those who have seen this Dublin-based producer in any one of a number of hot and sweaty basement bars across the city will know him as a purveyor of big bouncing basey beats and thumping reggae goodness that propel the dance floor into a furious frenzy. Those who know him from his prolific releases will know him as a serious producer of instrumental dub and deep-filled electronic soundscapes.

The frenetic energy of T-Woc live would never work as well beyond the sweat-filled basement, but Hoshorom, his latest 4-track EP on the genre-bending net label Invisible Agent, still manages to tap in to it and infuse a collection of dark and brooding dub sounds with a cheeky playfulness.

bacoloa, the opening track, hits you from the off with a hectic impatience that drives you forward then suddenly collapses, fading away into the subtle ether where the factory-floor beats of enough hammer out an industrialised dub before emerging fully formed and triumphant on suffered, a space-hopper of track that bounces along in a direction you never expected. panong, the seven minute-long final destination of your journey through Hoshorom, arrives like the terminus on a train journey where you fell asleep and missed your stop, awakening somewhere that you never expected, dark and unsettling at first but as familiarity grows it cocoons you with its warm embrace, filling you with sad regret when it all ends and its time to go back home.

Hoshorom is T-Woc at his most accomplished as a producer. He may never fully reconcile his two halves, but on the strength of this EP, why would he want to?


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    [...] to the Release Page [IVA1300] VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait…Rating: 7.0/10 (1 vote cast)T-Woc – Hoshorom, 7.0 out of 10 based [...]


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