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  1. Netlabel Tracker #4: 12Rec

    12Rec excel in releasing quality music from post-rock outfits. Diverse and energetic recordings encompassing Lo-Fi folk, Shoegaze Indiepop, Chambermusic, Jazz, Avant-Garde and Americana.

    October 6th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  2. Cambodian Space Project have landed

    Invisible Agent hasn’t released on vinyl in a while, so naturally I get very excited when other people do. Such a fabulous format, carrying all that warm and rich analogue goodness.

    September 29th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  3. Mixcloud: The future of Radio


    Listen to radio shows, Podcasts and DJ mixes on-demand. From Krautrock to Jazz, Ambient to HipHop, there are thousands of reasons why you should join Mixcloud.

    September 28th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  4. Netlabel Tracker #3: BFW Recordings

    If you’re looking for some lush sound-scapes or glitchy indie, BFW have an impressive release catalogue.

    September 21st, 2010 ||Read the full post

  5. Swarm Intelligence DJ set: Irish Electronic Record Labels

    Grab the latest mix by Simon Hayes recorded in Tacheles, Berlin. It’s a one hour journey covering new electronic releases on some Irish labels including Takeover Recordings, Stasis, Mantrap, Kaboogie, Second Square To None, Acroplane and of course Invisible Agent. Simon has crammed in 23 tracks in just over an hour. With artists such as [...]

    September 15th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  6. Netlabel Tracker #2: Bump Foot

    Bump Foot

    Bump which releases House and Techno while Foot concentrates on Ambient, IDM and Electro. The artists roster has contributors from every corner of the planet which makes it even more exciting to explore the wealth of releases on this Netlabel.

    September 13th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  7. Netlabel Tracker #1: Forest Records

    Forest Records

    Welcome to my new Netlabel tracker. Suitably named with a nod to the historical events surrounding the creation and expansion of Netlabels from the tracker scene in the 90′s. For this first instalment it gives me great pleasure to (re)introduce the fabulous Forest Records.

    September 11th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  8. Netlabels: Free as in beer

    Free beer

    Looking for some fresh new music to listen too? fed up of scouring file sharing networks or the sea of 99 cent downloads on iTunes? do you need some inspiration? Take a break from your usual digital haunts because over the coming months I’ll be sharing links to a selection of excellent Netlabels. Not only [...]

    September 10th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  9. Irish Electronica: The classy new hoker in town

    Irish Electronica

    BeatHoker has moved! It’s been given a face lift and a bunch of cool new features added. Check out Irish Electronic for the latest mixtapes, promos, venue information and upcoming gig listings.

    September 8th, 2010 ||Read the full post

  10. Ruff in the Jungle: Warren Daly – Drum & Bass DJ Mix Podcast


    No need to crack open a can of Red Bull, crank up the volume on this! Get some energy up in this place :) You’ll be quaking in your boots before Noisia’s Shellshock featuring Foreign beggars slaps you in the face, mesmerized by Zakir Hussain and Bill Laswell a.k.a Tabla Beat Science live in San Francisco, whistling along to Li Li and bouncing to the head strong output of Ed Rush and Nico.

    September 2nd, 2010 ||Read the full post

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